Sunday, 19 October 2014

Story Setup, Chain Reaction and Ending


The Setup

Our main character is trying to follow a cooking show / cook book, to prepare a romantic meal for his wife/girlfriend/date. 

It's nighttime and his date stands out on the balcony outside the kitchen, looking out at Paris while smoking a cigarette. 

The table is romantically set up on the balcony; with a table cloth, burning candles, empty plates, knives and forks, a bottle of wine and empty wine glasses. 

In the kitchen a saucepan of water, chopped carrots and celery lightly bubbles on the back oven hob. 

The chicken is nearly finished cooking in the oven - indicated by the oven's timer. 

There is a low shelf above the oven which condiments such as mixed herbs, salt, pepper and vinegar sit on. 

There are some rogue vegetables scattered on the floor e.g. un-chopped carrot or celery.


Chain Reaction: The Build Up

  • Guy takes onions out of a knee high cupboard, which is next to the oven and leaves it open. 
  • He chops the onions on a chopping board. 
  • As he feels the onions effects he rubs his eyes and sniffles at random moments.
  • With his head just below the shelf, he drops the chopped onions into the saucepan. 
  • He lifts his head from over the pan to grab the condiments, narrowly avoiding hitting it on the shelf.
  • While affected by the onion, he removes the lid off a blocked salt shaker and pours too much salt into the pan. 
  • As he lifts his head from over the pan he nearly hits it on the shelf. 
  • Forgetting to put the salt lid back on, he puts it on the shelf and grabs the mixed herbs shaker, takes the lid off, pours some into the pan.
  • Again forgetting to put the lid back on, he puts the herbs shaker back on the shelf and the shelf falls slightly. (repeating this a few times with different spices)
  • His vision blurred due to the onions he keeps adding different ingredients and spices to get the right taste.
  • Tasting it every so often he's not happy and then keeps trying to add something to make it perfect.
  • Picking up stuff and putting it the wrong place or on top of other things without paying attention.
  • The oven timer goes off and he struggles to remove the heavy roast chicken tray from it, slamming it down on the oven, in front of the saucepan - causing a loud thud. Due to lack of space it sits dangerously over the edge.
  • Hearing the thud his date turns to move and check out the noise, but decides not to, not wanting to ruin the surprise. She rubs her stomach in hunger.
  • Guy awkwardly bends over the chicken to stir the saucepan.

Chain Reaction: The Chain

  • As he lifts his head, he hits it on the loose shelf, knocking it up and causing the open condiments to tip over and pour into the saucepan.
  • In pain he steps back but slips on a onion peel on the floor, as he falls backwards he reaches forward, trying to grab the oven to stop himself falling. 
  • Instead he grabs the chicken tray, catapulting the chicken onto his head.
  • Blinded by his chicken "hat" he gets up and tries to pull it off.
  • Finally managing to pull it off it flies through the air, out onto the balcony and onto the table; giving his date a fright. Hungrily staring at the chicken, she quickly grabs her knife and fork...

Post Credits

Some options:
  • Guy walks out of the kitchen with the saucepan to see if his date is okay, only to catch her hungrily tearing at the chicken. He drops the pan in shock. After recovering, he smiles.
  • Guy and date eating their meals with the chicken badly damaged from the the ordeal. Date enjoying her meal.
  • Date eating her meal greedily, tearing at the chicken with one hand and gulping down her 'saucepan soup' with the other. Guy sits at the other end of the table hesitantly sipping his portion of the soup as he stares shocked at her.

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