Saturday, 18 October 2014

Story Feedback and Influence Maps


When we talked to Alan about our Narrative project, we found out that while he was satisfied with our general story, he suggested that we should instead have it shot in a fixed perspective, in which the the animation plays out without the camera moving. 

He also told us that once we had decided on what meal the man would be preparing, it would drive our chain reaction. We decided our story would be set in Paris, due to its romantic connotations.


Research and Further Development

After researching romantic French meals, we chose roast chicken as our meal; realising that the multiple ingredients and utensils involved in preparing a full roast chicken dinner would leave plenty of room for chaos. 

Since our animation will rely on slapstick comedy, we have decided upon the chicken somehow landing on the man's head, at the end of the chain reaction - possibly by being catapulted off a tray sitting on the edge of the counter, which he whacked into.


Influence Maps

Kitchen & Balcony Influence Map

Roast Chicken Dinner Influence Map

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