Friday, 3 October 2014

Revising our Ideas

Our phrases: "In the kitchen" + "Every cloud has a silver lining"

After being informed on Sunday that our "The Invitation" idea could not be used because the kitchen was not important to the animation and the silver lining was not strong enough, we went back to the drawing board.
Cartoon chef [edited]
Taking care to make sure the use of the kitchen was important to the story, we came up with a few ideas involving a restaurant Chef. After discussions with our tutor Alan, these ideas were then boiled down to their bare bones. Having written a few basic three bullet point ideas down, Alan informed us which was the most suitable. 

Below is basis for our latest idea...

  • Chef puts food in oven, falls asleep (/ reads book / leaves room).
  • Food burns, chaos ensues, chef tries to remedy the chaos (running for oven gloves etc.).
  • Curious, chef tastes burnt food, enjoys it, founds own restaurant.

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