Thursday, 9 October 2014

Developed idea

We have come up with a new idea, where…

The Character is - 

- Really clumsy
- Not a very tidy person
- Always trying to impress people however fails to do so most of the time


Story Outline is -

1) Guy is preparing for a date with a young lady who he is trying to impress,
2) After watching cooking channels (master chef) he is determined to make something really nice for when she comes over for dinner. 
3) He goes to the kitchen and tries to follow his recipe, 
4) Being his clumsy self he makes mistakes, getting frustrated and hitting into things he causes a chain reaction of things falling over (around and into the food), burning the food etc.
5) Making so much mess in the kitchen he tries so hard to make it better. 
6) His date has arrived and he panics and rushes to the door.

We haven't yet decided the ending, however we have a few possible ideas...

7) His date sits opposite him at the table, the camera pans down to their food and the meal turns out to be something very basic (scrambled eggs).
8) And it turns out to be her favourite meal.


7) He burnt the house down but they ended up having take away.
8) Hugging as they watch the house burn down

We came across these animations which we could get inspirations from for our animation. 

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