Monday, 20 October 2014

Development of Concept & Thumbnails

After our discussion with Alan last week we decided to adjust our concept a little. As there is a romantic feel to the animation, as a group we decided it should be set in France. Before I started doing some thumbnails, I carried out a little bit of research.

We decided to have a still camera animation where we get to see both the kitchen (where the male character is preparing the meal) and the balcony (where his date is waiting). Within the animation there will be a contrast, the kitchen being a total mess, however on the other side of the wall there's this perfect little balcony with a table set for two, overlooking Paris on a summer's evening.

These first set of thumbnails are some sketches helping us see which arrangement works best.

This is a thumbnail Sukhi developed because we felt it worked well, She began to add in details, and feels it still needs more work, plus colour. We feel that we will be able to emphasis the clutter in the kitchen more within Maya.

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