Friday, 26 September 2014

Animated Short Ideas

At Screw Loose Productions, we were given the location of "The Kitchen" and the saying of "Every Cloud has a Silver Lining". We've each written out our best ideas and set them out below in basic form. A more detailed version of each Narrative can be found on our personal Blogs (Links Provided).


Idea 1

The Invitation

A small Chubby boy (bully victim) has a crush on the 'hot and popular' girl, but gets invited to her party. He gets her a card and present but he is bullied at the party and embarrassed in front of his crush. he sits in the kitchen protected by the girls mum as she calls his parents to pick him up. however the 'hot and popular' girl that he has a crush on comes into the kitchen to see him. She kisses him sweetly on the cheek. we see them both walking down the school corridoor holding hands. everyone is amazed and shocked. the credits roll and some images of them growing old together appear.

The "cloud" here is that he gets horribly bullied, however it helps the girl realize how stupid the other boys are and he ends up living his life with the girl of his dreams

Detailed Version


Idea 2


It’s a stormy night in the Stone Age, before the discovery of fire. Thunder claps and lightning strikes.
The animation starts in a cave lit by fireflies, in which a young cave boy lays scared in the furthest corner. Along comes a beautiful big firefly, which draws him outside, a log is right in front of the cave entrance which is struck by lightning, setting it on fire. Cut to the boy’s wide eyes, in them you can see the reflection of the burning log.

10 years later...
you see him in his now ‘kitted out cave’, lit with fire torches, happily cooking meat on a spit above a log fire in a Stone Age style kitchen with maybe counters and a table made of animal bones in the centre, and possibly like stone pots and simple flint utensils on the side to emphasise the kitchen element.

The bad situation here is the storms and the boy's fear of them but the good aspect is it produced fire, and allowed him to discover fire resulting in him becoming more advanced.

Detailed Version


Idea 3

Greedy Dog

Two dogs (one big, fat and not so cute and one smaller and rather cute). They both see the dessert put on the table for dinner and they both want it. As they both run for it the bigger dog sets obstacles for the small dog; preventing him from getting the dessert. Showing off to the smaller dog as he gets closer to the dessert he accidentally drops and breaks a vase (or breaks something expensive) and gets in trouble by their owner; who put him outside. The owner then helps the smaller dog and serves him some dessert. As the small dog enjoys his dessert the big dog envies him as he watches from outside.

Detailed Version



  1. Judging by how much time we have and the rigging maya aspect if go with the second one - you could make it really beautiful and with only one character to focus on you can spend time on the details

    1. Thank you for the feedback Rosalyn! :D

  2. I really like the second one as well guys. Could become quite a beautiful animated short. :)

  3. I see potential in the second one too. I can imagine you guys starting the animation with fireflies that lights up the cave.